Unity with Invest partners growing – Campaign Update 8

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UNITY SPOTLIGHT Members from the Sheriff’s Department, Ridgehaven Licensing Division, wear purple to support bargaining and make the County Invest in San Diego Families.


8 am Thursday April 27
Marina Village – Coral Room
Mission Bay Park
1936 Quivira Way
San Diego, CA 92109
The County refused to meet with our full bargaining team. Our team voted to bargain in protest, by agreeing to negotiate with the County in a third room. Therefore, we will be able to meet under protest without our full bargaining team.

Unity with Invest
partners growing

Tracey Carter



For weeks we have been bargaining under protest. It is amazing that although we had to change the setup of the rooms, the solidarity of our team increased. Bringing County employees and Invest in San Diego Families partners together has increased our power through things like budget town halls in each of the Supervisor districts and an advocacy day. Physically we are separated, but our team is more united than ever.

SEIU 221 Vice-President: Reach higher than floor 

My name is Michael Dobbins. I am vice-president of SEIU Local 221 and a member of its political organizing and many of its affinity groups. I have worked for the  County for 15 years, but this is my first year on the bargaining team. My County job involves establishing child support. I had to do a lot of updates to my coworkers because of the misleading posts on the County intranet. Basically that the County is making choices to not spend money on employees, which is part of the reason why The Invest in San Diego Families partners are so important. The County has always tried to divide employees and recipients of benefits by accusing each of taking all the County money in separate meetings. Working together lets people know that the union is concerned not just about our jobs, but the welfare of all San Diego County residents. Now we have opening proposals – the first time the County made its offer on opening day. This is going to be the minimum. We will  reach more toward  the ceiling rather than stay at the floor with signing bonuses. We will bargain for equity – a big issue with child support employees. Why should members of the Board of Supervisors give themselves 12.5 percent raises based on other counties and not us? Some employees in other counties do the exact same work and are paid more. Why? Because they have higher union membership, which gives them leverage -LA has about 90 percent. We are building up to that. 


Michael Dobbins, SEIU Local 221 vice-president, said “Some employees in other counties do the exact same work and are paid more. Why? Because they have higher union membership, which gives them more leverage.”

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