April 18, 2017

What the County thinks we deserve – Campaign Update 7

UNITY SPOTLIGHT North Central CWS takes a unity break to make the County of San Diego bargain fairly and Invest in San Diego Families


8 am, Thursday, April 20
Marina Village – Anchor Room
Mission Bay Park
1936 Quivira Way
San Diego, CA 92109

The County refused to meet with our full bargaining team. Our team voted to bargain in protest, by agreeing to negotiate with the County in a third room. Therefore, we will be able to meet under protest without our full bargaining team.

What the County thinks we deserve

Tracey Carter



Last week at bargaining, one of the County negotiators urged us to move quickly. Why? So we can get what we deserve. There was a gasp in the room from bargaining team members. The County only thinks we deserve minor wage increases without equity adjustments after the Board of Supervisors gave themselves a 12.5 percent raise? That is why we must all stand together to demand more.

County Chapter’s González: We can do better

I work in the  Recorder County Clerk office and have been a County employee for 17 years. I have seen bargaining many times. This is my second time on the bargaining team. People should understand that there could be an emergency meeting of the Board of Supervisors, which is something they can easily do for us, their  biggest group of workers. We have time to bargain. We are looking at what the County is offering. We know we can do better than the little associations for things like equity – when the pay is lower for the same job classifications compared to other counties. Little three percent increases are not going to fix that. The Invest in San Diego Families coalition represents people affected by the County’s decisions. The number of people these organizations represent is crazy  – someone from one faith organization represents 70,000 people. It shows we are not all just in for ourselves. People should join the union because higher numbers mean more power. We got better contracts when we had 80 percent membership. We are moving in the right direction. The first version of their proposal was not all just takeaways and zeros – a good opening.

David González SEIU Local 221 David González County Chapter Secretary, said “People should join the union because higher numbers mean more power.”Go to SEIU Local 221’s Facebook page and website for more updates.

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