Under protest, bargaining team votes to return to the table – Special Campaign Update 4

Under protest and while our legal charges are processed, the SEIU bargaining team is calling on the County to stop the delay tactics and meet us at the table.

Our team voted and the County has agreed to meet in a third room, therefore we will be able to meet under protest without our full bargaining team. This will allow us to exchange proposals to get to the real issues faster. The team stands united with our Invest in San Diego Families community team members, and there was a resounding sense of resolve and unity in the room. Our community allies and team members couldn’t be more determined to demand that the County stop delaying and Invest in San Diego Families!

As you know, our elected SEIU bargaining team has selected members of the Invest in San Diego Families to join our team at the table, because they have expertise on the County budget and the services that the County provides.  They bring perspective and strength to our bargaining team.  But the County has used their presence at the table as a pretext to refuse to bargain.  Together with our partners, the team has voted to come to the table so we can begin engaging on the issues instead of fighting over the process.

Enough is enough – SEIU 221 is calling on the County to bargain, and stop the delay tactics.

1704Dee2“We are willing, under protest, to bargain. Come to the table County of San Diego”

– Dee Myers, County employee and Bargaining Team member


What’s been happening the last few weeks and months? The County has been publishing their version of events, pretty frequently, we think that’s because they want to distract you from what’s really going on here. Here’s the real version:

Nov. 29 – San Diego County refused to give any extension offer in writing to SEIU 221, despite our requests to be able to put any offer to a vote and get it in writing, the County first demanded that SEIU 221 elected leadership agree to “recommend” their deal. SEIU 221 refused such a ridiculous demand, and said – our members deserve to bargain.

Nov. 30 – SEIU sent an official request to bargain to the County and prepared for bargaining.

January – The County refused to acknowledge SEIU’s elected bargaining team of 65, and tried to delay bargaining by only releasing 26 members at a time, until ultimately they decided to release 44 under threat of our Unfair Labor Practice.

Feb. 2 – SEIU’s team had the first bargaining session with the County, our complete team in attendance (including our ISDF team members).

Feb. 16 – SEIU’s team met with the County to bargain, and the County team walked out!

Feb. 23 – SEIU’s team showed up to bargain, again, and (in a strange move) the County only sent two of their 11 member team to indicate they weren’t willing to bargain, yet again.

March 15 SEIU’s team and Invest in San Diego Families went to the Board of Supervisors to demand the County bargain.

March/April – The County began to “advertise” their extension offers to all County Employees in the Intranet – indicating that they never wanted to bargain at all, they just want County Employees to take their extension offer, with no questions asked (Tier D pension).

March – We asked the County how much the Tier D would save.  Their answer: they hadn’t even bothered to do the math.

April 6 – SEIU 221 Campaign Action Team and Bargaining Team member met and decided: ENOUGH, the County is delaying just to stall, let’s go to the table and make our demands.


8 am Thursday April 13
Scottish Rite Event Center
1895 Camino Del Rio S
San Diego, CA 92108

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