The County’s alternative facts – Campaign Update 3


6 pm Thursday, April 6
SEIU Local 221
4004 Kearny Mesa

We will have Public Employment Relations Board updates and information on the path forward, so everyone should attend.

UNITY SPOTLIGHT El Cajon FRC Unity Breaks are growing! Members show solidarity to make the County of San Diego bargain fairly and Invest in San Diego Families

The County’s alternative facts

Tracey Carter



The County has been using the intranet site Insite to say some pretty outrageous things about bargaining. Why would they do that? Are they scared of members of these community organizations? SEIU’s members have the legal right to decide who will represent them in bargaining. It is obvious that the County does not want to bargain. The County’s strategy is to delay and divide us.



Vanessa Garcia: Numbers make the difference

SEIU Local 221 Executive Board Member Vanessa Garcia said, “If working conditions matter to you, become a member.” Go to SEIU Local 221’s Facebook page for more updates.

I am a 22-year County Public Health Nurse employee, with the last three years at California Children Services. I have seen bargaining many times. I became a union member because of a very active coworker involved in bargaining. That was during a tough bargaining fight. Ultimately our high membership numbers won a contract with good raises. Now the County is trying to intimidate us. We are not going to back down. Members are fed up with low salaries and working in understaffed departments with high turnover. Sometimes people ask me ‘Why is the union supporting community partners?’ with Invest in San Diego Families. I say, ‘No they are supporting us and giving us a bigger voice against the County’ The community partners serve the same people that we serve. We have the same goals. We are not able to serve the public when we are understaffed and can’t retain workers. This fight is not about workers wanting more money. This fight is about wanting to help people in a positive and timely way – as the County’s H.E.A.R.T. program outlines. The County is trying to divide the workers. If working conditions matter to you, become a member.




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