County trying to divide us – Campaign Update 1


6 pm Thursday, April 6
SEIU Local 221
4004 Kearny Mesa

We will have Public Employment Relations Board updates and information on the path forward, so everyone should attend.

UNITY SPOTLIGHT Oceanside Family Resource Center members stand together to make the County of San Diego Invest in San Diego Families and bargain fairly.

County trying to divide us

Tracey Carter


The County is refusing to bargain, why? They are trying to divide us. The County has never wanted to bargain.

SEIU members decided to have Invest in San Diego Families representatives on the committee because their expertise and knowledge is critical to pushing the County to address serious problems impacting the ability of employees to provide services.


Steward Gerrell Howard: ‘stand strong, together’

Steward Gerrell Howard said, “People who want to know more should check SEIU Local 221’s Facebook page and website for more updates. They will make you want to become more active in the fight.”

I am an eligibility specialist at North Central Family Resource Center. Veteran workers say bargaining always starts the same: the County says it is not giving workers anything. This time we are thinking not just about ourselves but our clients too and the neighborhoods we live in. We have been working with the community for almost two years, with the Invest in San Diego Families coalition. The County’s trying to delay and divide us now. They started at the low end of the scale and made an offer to small groups and associations, offers those groups took without asking questions. The County tried the same thing with SEIU verbally. It was not in writing and not even an official offer. What the other groups got, after taxes and paying into retirement, they will end up right back where they started. In speaking to veterans, never before has the County put alternative facts on [the intranet site] Insite before. It shows that they are worried about the power we are building. We are a large group. If we stand strong, stand together, we can win for everyone. Anyone who is not a member, you need to get on winning team, so you have a right to vote on the awesome new contract we will receive.

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