Campaign Action Team update: We are ready to bargain

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about what is going on with bargaining:

Why does the County keep talking about an extension agreement?

The County is hoping SEIU 221 members accept their pension concession and a five-year deal without asking questions.

Why is the union composing their team of County employees AND community partners?

Because bargaining is about improving jobs, including wages, benefits and working conditions for County employees. Community partners on the bargaining team have insight into the quality of the service we provide, which directly impacts the employees’ working conditions. Community partners make us stronger!

Why didn’t SEIU 221 accept the extension?

The County NEVER submitted an extension offer in writing. They insisted the elected leadership of SEIU 221 agree to recommend the verbal terms of an extension (five years, average 2.5 percent per year and a pension take-away. The pension take-away would have meant giving up 30 years of an unquantified benefit for employees in exchange for five years of bonuses.) That is why we are bargaining.

Why won’t the County negotiate?

They refuse to allow SEIU 221 to compose its team. We can only guess that’s because our team is stronger and more skilled than ever before, and dividing us up would serve the County, not the County Employees.

What now?

Join the union! Fight for good jobs, a safety ladder, and smart justice. Join the Thursday unity breaks at your worksite, and get involved! Show the County that their messaging won’t divide our union, and that this time we are standing strong together.

They insist on controlling our bargaining team. We say no!

We are ready to bargain. They are trying to say no!

Stand up for our right to bargain!


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