SEIU 221 is ready to bargain

SEIU Local 221 is waiting to bargain, but the County’s bargaining team is refusing to meet. County employees have legally elected a bargaining team to negotiate with the County for the County employees.  Unfortunately, the County of San Diego has decided to avoid its obligation to bargain in good faith in a way we believe to be in violation of the law. Bargaining team members include people from groups who represent residents who use County services. These members have an interest in good working conditions for County employees and have been part of the union’s proposal process.
We call on the County Board of Supervisors to immediately begin bargaining in good faith. Sign the petition online now, and then print out petitions and get more signatures to make the County of San Diego Invest in San Diego Families.
The County also is attempting to win a lower pension tier without showing why the takeaway is required, something that smaller unions have accepted at face value.

SEIU Local 221 and the County will meet with a mediator on Thursday, March 9, to attempt to jumpstart bargaining. The County has agreed to release our bargaining team for this meeting.

Until then, keep calling the County Supervisors. Many people have reported that the Supervisors’ voicemails are full and they are unable to leave messages. If you call and get a message that the voicemail is full, send an email letting the Supervisor know that you tried to call but were unable to leave a message.

Here is a simple script: “I am calling to leave an important message for Supervisor __________. 

My name is __________ and I am a member of SEIU 221 and I am asking the Supervisor to ask the County to stop breaking the law and support our right to choose our own bargaining team.”

  • Greg Cox (619) 531-5511
  • Dianne Jacob (619) 531-5522
  • Kristin Gaspar (619) 531-5533
  • Ron Roberts (619) 531-5544
  • Bill Horn (619) 531-5555
In Solidarity,
David Garcias
President, SEIU Local 221


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