Begin bargaining in good faith

1703BargaininGoodFaithSan Diego County is failing us. 

Invest in San Diego Families is a coalition united in a vision of ensuring that San Diego County is a place in which all San Diegans truly thrive and have quality lives. In order to make this vision a reality, we are united as County employees, residents, community organizations, and faith groups working together in a common struggle to make sure elected and civic leaders fully invest in the services we need and in the people who provide them.  

Here are just a few examples of the critical problems in our region for which the County has some responsibility:

  • Homelessness is now the fourth highest in the country; 
  • Poverty rates are even higher than during the Great Recession;
  • Housing costs are among the highest in the nation, and affordable housing is difficult to find; and  
  • The County ranks near the bottom in terms of enrolling eligible residents in assistance programs

County employees every day work to address these critical problems.  But they can only do so much without our getting them what they need to do their jobs.  

Rather than invest in our communities and working to solve these critical problems, our elected officials are sitting on nearly $2 billion dollars in cash reserves, an amount that has grown by $100 million per year for each of the last 7 years. Meanwhile, County services suffer from chronic understaffing and underfunding which is leaving the most vulnerable residents behind, and many critical needs unattended.  The chronic understaffing and underfunding is not only as to programs keeping the County employees from being able to fully address these problems, but the County is also understaffing and underfunding the County employee workforce, impacting the employees’ morale and their wages, benefits and working conditions.

As County employees and members of the Invest in San Diego Families Coalition, we have legally elected a bargaining team to negotiate with the County for the County employees.  Unfortunately, the County of San Diego has decided to avoid its obligation to bargain in good faith in a way we believe to be in violation of the law.

As County employees and members of the Invest in San Diego Families Coalition, we call on the County Board of Supervisors to immediately begin bargaining in good faith so we can work together to ensure that the services provided to our communities actually grow our economy and are invested throughout San Diego County to positively impact the lives of all families, and thereby become the example of what a good county should do.

Sign the petition online now, and then print out petitions and get more signatures to make the County of San Diego Invest in San Diego Families.

In Solidarity,

David Garcias

President, SEIU Local 221

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