Keep emailing and calling to make the County bargain fairly

Last week, the County negotiating team unlawfully refused to negotiate with the SEIU bargaining team, because of the presence of bargaining team members representing our community partners in the room.

Despite that bargaining team members said, “We are united and won’t be divided. We will make the County invest in San Diego families!”

In the County’s latest unlawful action, yesterday afternoon at 3:45 p.m., they notified Local 221 that bargaining team members were not being released for today’s bargaining session.  This morning at 8a.m., employees took vacation or leave time to join with union representatives and community partners at the bargaining location this morning to see if County representatives would show up.

Unbelievably, County management showed up despite having refused to release elected bargaining team members.  

This cannot continue. Stand up to the County’s unlawful actions.  Call and email the board of supervisors and demand that the County stop violating our rights and begin bargaining fairly. 

Many people have reported that the Supervisors’ voicemails are full and they are unable to leave messages. If you call and get a message that the voicemail is full, send an email letting the Supervisor know that you tried to call but were unable to leave a message.

Then call each County Supervisor.

Here is a simple script: “I am calling to leave an important message for Supervisor __________. 

My name is __________ and I am a member of SEIU 221 and I am asking the Supervisor to ask the County to stop breaking the law and support our right to choose our own bargaining team.”

  • Greg Cox (619) 531-5511
  • Dianne Jacob (619) 531-5522
  • Kristin Gaspar (619) 531-5533
  • Ron Roberts (619) 531-5544
  • Bill Horn (619) 531-5555

Finally, post on social media, tag  #InvestinSDFamilies and @SupervisorCox, @dianne_jacob, @KristinGaspar@SupervisorHorn@RonRobertsSD

In solidarity,

Tracey Carter
SEIU Local 221, County Chapter President


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