BREAKING NEWS: County walks away from bargaining

On Feb. 16, your negotiating team sat down with the County negotiating team ready to begin bargaining alongside our community partners in the Invest in San Diego Families coalition. Our partners represent the community and the clients we serve. They have expertise in smart justice, the safety ladder and good jobs and most importantly, they have come together with our membership to speak with a united voice about the County’s responsibility to deliver quality services provided by top employees with good jobs and appropriate staffing levels.

The County negotiating team unlawfully refused to negotiate with the SEIU bargaining team because of the presence of bargaining team members representing our community partners in the room. Basically, the County is demanding that they get to choose who can and can’t be on the bargaining team. The County’s position is illegal on its face.

For more than a year, we have been working together with the partners in the Invest in San Diego Families to develop a comprehensive program to make San Diego the best county in California.  The County’s representatives tried to create division among us and your committee stood strong and said, “We are united and won’t be divided. We will make the County invest in San Diego families!”

Your bargaining team has voted to stay united, so we are taking action.  

  1. On Feb. 16, we sent an emergency delegation to the Board of Supervisors members to ask them to intervene. We also handed in more than 3,000 petitions signed by union members and community allies in support of our bargaining program.
  2. We are working with our legal team to file an Unfair Labor Practice, as this denies our union’s right to bring in the expertise we need to bargain for our membership.
  3. Our bargaining team voted to take action and tomorrow will be UNITY FRIDAY, on Feb. 17.  We will be launching an email, phone and social media campaign asking the Board of Supervisors to support our union’s right to determine our own team.

Get started now. First, click here to send the members of the Board of Supervisors an email.

Then call each County Supervisor.

Here is a simple script:

“I am calling to leave an important message for Supervisor __________. 

My name is __________ and I am a member of SEIU 221 and I am asking the Supervisor to ask the County to stop breaking the law and support our right to choose our own bargaining team.”

  • Greg Cox (619) 531-5511
  • Dianne Jacob (619) 531-5522
  • Kristin Gaspar (619) 531-5533
  • Ron Roberts (619) 531-5544
  • Bill Horn (619) 531-5555

Finally, post on social media, tag  #InvestinSDFamilies and @SupervisorCox, @dianne_jacob, @KristinGaspar@SupervisorHorn@RonRobertsSD

In solidarity,

Tracey Carter
SEIU Local 221, County Chapter President

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