February 10, 2017

Show your unity during bargaining on Feb. 16

Your coworkers on the SEIU Local 221 Bargaining Team began negotiating the best contract for you on Feb. 2. You increased their power. Across the County workers showed they were united by posting pictures of unity breaks.

On Feb. 16, your County Bargaining Team needs your support again. We are asking everyone to go to this Facebook post and add a photo and comment including the name of your worksite.

  1. Click on this link to be connected to the Facebook post supporting your bargaining team. 
  2. And then click on this link to retweet a Twitter post to support your bargaining team.

Take action on Feb. 16. Every County employee must participate and engage to get workers what they deserve.

WHAT Print out this photo and hang it in a prominent location at your worksite. If you don’t have a color printer, ask your organizer for a poster. Wear purple. Take a solidarity break. Show you are united with your coworkers and support your bargaining team.
WHEN During your lunch or break time on Feb. 16. Stewards and member leaders will coordinate the timing with you.
WHERE Your worksite
Make sure to tag #InvestinSDFamilies, and put your worksite name and photos in this Facebook post’s comments. Then put a photo and the name of your worksite on a retweet of this Twitter post.

Stay informed. Sign up for text alerts: Text 221UNITY to 787753

RSVP to your worksite organizer or Joanna Stewart at joanna.stewart@seiu221.org or (858) 560-0151 ext. 265

In Solidarity,

Tracey Carter
SEIU Local 221, County Chapter President


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