Make County Invest in San Diego Families

The Invest in San Diego Families campaign is growing! We are united as never before around the idea that San Diego should invest in its residents and workers – instead of hoarding money in a growing surplus of more than $1.8 billion. We are building a united campaign because we know it is the only way to make real change – a safety net that meets the needs of the community, smart justice, and good jobs for County workers and all those who work for the County’s subcontractors.
Anyone who wants to help build the campaign is welcome. Together we win!
We need raises that close the gap with other counties – which has grown wider during the past two years: Los Angeles County and Orange County workers’ pay increased 2 to 3 percent more than San Diego workers’ pay. No one who works full-time for the County should need public assistance.
Questions? Email me at or call (858) 560-0151 ext. 263

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