Advocacy Center Victories

The Advocacy Center had a busy start to 2016. Year-to-date Advocacy has won or resolved 79 cases. Below is a sampling of SEIU Local 221 wins:


  • RN was denied a portion of her sick leave benefits. SEIU was able to restore her full sick-leave benefits.
  • HSS was denied jury-duty pay. SEIU was able to restore her jury-duty pay.
  • Various HHSA worksites applied new sick leave rules incorrectly. Union worked with the County to ensure management would enforce the rules correctly.
  • HSS received a proposed order-of-termination. SEIU represented the employee at the Skelly Hearing and the employee was reinstated with the discipline removed.
  • PSW received a proposed order-of-suspension. SEIU represent the employee at the Skelly hearing and the suspension was reduced.
  • SEIU routinely helps members with disabilities. SEIU has successfully negotiated several accommodations for HHSA workers with physical limitations.


  • SEIU member was given a proposed order-of-termination. SEIU successfully negotiated a settlement that benefited both sides.
  • Two SEIU members temporarily lost their commercial licenses. SEIU was able to keep both members employed.
  • After two years of negotiations SEIU was able to successfully obtain a permanent accommodation for a disabled member.

District Attorney

  • SEIU successfully removed an unjust LOW of an employee without filing a grievance.


  • An employee worked out-of-class for several weeks, SEIU and ECS reached a settlement to pay the employee to pay the employee for the time worked out of class without having to file a grievance.


  • An employee was terminated at NHA. SEIU filed a grievance on the employee’s behalf and the employee has been reinstated.


  • An employee was assigned to a temporary higher class for several months. The employee continued working the higher assignment longer than the initial duration of the assignment. Management did not pay the employee for the extra months of higher class pay. SEIU worked with Labor Relations to resolve the issue and the employee was paid correctly.

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