Vote Goodchild for SDCERA Board of Retirement

Vote for BobA message from SEIU Local 221 President David Garcias: Every SEIU members knows that our pension is earned every day and every year through  service to our community. Next week will be a critical moment where we need to stand together to protect our pension.

That’s why the members of SEIU 221 are urging you to vote for Bob Goodchild.

Do you remember last year when we found out that the SDCERA consultant was making $10 million a year? Bob did the research, made sure we had our facts straight, and led the charge to get him terminated.  Bob isn’t afraid to stand up for us and leads by example.That is why SEIU Local 221 endorses Bob Goodchild for the SDCERA Board of Retirement.

You ballot will arrive by interoffice mail on April 19. Can you sign this online petition to pledge your vote for Bob Goodchild?

Bob conducts audits for his HHSA unit involving millions of dollars in expenditures annually. He understands balance sheets, spreadsheets, and economic projections. He can read a pro forma, analyze a stock report and effectively represent us on the Pension Board.  Bob is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Public Administration. He has excelled at negotiating with labor, management, and other parties to reach mutual agreements that benefit all.

He is endorsed by the two elected officials who serve as SDCERA Trustees, Dan McAllister, San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector, and Supervisor Dianne Jacob.

A vote for Bob Goodchild is a vote to protect our retirement security.  Together, we can get Bob elected in two simple steps

Your ballot will arrive on April 19 and the last day to return it to the Registrar of Voters is May 3.

In Solidarity,

David Garcias
President, SEIU Local 221

P.S. Don’t forget to forward this email to a friend or print out a flyer about Bob

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