SEIU 2016 International Convention delegates

1605IntlConThe SEIU Local 221 election committee certified the six nominations received from members asking to be delegates to the SEIU Convention:

  • Alma Aguirre
  • Miriam Esmeier
  • Jesus Gonzalez
  • Melody Godinez
  • Jim Partridge
  • Drucilla Willis

The deadline to submit all nominations for the eight available delegate seats was April 1.  Due to the lack of opposition, all six nominees are considered elected to represent the local as delegates at the SEIU convention. There will not be an election.

There are two remaining delegate positions.  On April 6, the executive board voted to nominate the following two members to fill those vacant delegate positions:

  • Lorena Barrientes
  • Vanessa Garcia

Congratulations. For more information, (858) 560-0151.

In Solidarity,

Tracey Carter
Delegate Election Committee Chair

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