April 2016

Advocacy Center Victories

The Advocacy Center had a busy start to 2016. Year-to-date Advocacy has won or resolved 79 cases. Below is a sampling of SEIU Local 221 wins:


  • RN was denied a portion of her sick leave benefits. SEIU was able to restore her full sick-leave benefits.
  • HSS was denied jury-duty pay. SEIU was able to restore her jury-duty pay.
  • Various HHSA worksites applied new sick leave rules incorrectly. Union worked with the County to ensure management would enforce the rules correctly.
  • HSS received a proposed order-of-termination. SEIU represented the employee at the Skelly Hearing and the employee was reinstated with the discipline removed.
  • PSW received a proposed order-of-suspension. SEIU represent the employee at the Skelly hearing and the suspension was reduced.
  • SEIU routinely helps members with disabilities. SEIU has successfully negotiated several accommodations for HHSA workers with physical limitations.


  • SEIU member was given a proposed order-of-termination. SEIU successfully negotiated a settlement that benefited both sides.
  • Two SEIU members temporarily lost their commercial licenses. SEIU was able to keep both members employed.
  • After two years of negotiations SEIU was able to successfully obtain a permanent accommodation for a disabled member.

District Attorney

  • SEIU successfully removed an unjust LOW of an employee without filing a grievance.


  • An employee worked out-of-class for several weeks, SEIU and ECS reached a settlement to pay the employee to pay the employee for the time worked out of class without having to file a grievance.


  • An employee was terminated at NHA. SEIU filed a grievance on the employee’s behalf and the employee has been reinstated.


  • An employee was assigned to a temporary higher class for several months. The employee continued working the higher assignment longer than the initial duration of the assignment. Management did not pay the employee for the extra months of higher class pay. SEIU worked with Labor Relations to resolve the issue and the employee was paid correctly.
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Get a degree at no cost

SEIU Local 221 has partnered with College for America at Southern New Hampshire University, a nonprofit, fully accredited college built specifically to help working adults succeed. This unique collaboration brings super-affordable higher education to all SEIU Local 221 members.
Informational webinar
6:30 pm, Wednesday, May 4
SEIU Local 221
4004 Kearny Mesa Road
Please RSVP to me at mark.leo@seiu221.org or call (858) 560-0151 ext. 263

ToniaMcMillian_headshotTonia McMillian, an SEIU member and child care provider in the L.A. area, shares her experience: “I have a giant mountain of college debt. My pulse races a little bit whenever I think about the tens of thousands of dollars that I owe. I’m proud of the work I’ve done. I have my A.A. and I also have a certificate from culinary school. But I earn about $4.98 an hour as a child care provider. How can I continue going to school, let alone pay for the schooling I’ve already received?
But I want my B.A.
I’m an educator. Everything I do as a family child care provider is designed to make sure all the children in my care go to college and get their B.A. I provide an academic environment for children from birth to kindergarten. I love what I do and the kids in my care end up being at the top of their class.
And every day, I still want my B.A.
I want to be an example for my own son. I want him to get his degree. I need him to see me complete my education. But with all my school loans, I didn’t know what to do.
Then earlier this year, my union announced a new benefit of membership: an affordable college degree from a respected, fully accredited college—College for America—for $2,500 per year or less! I applied and was accepted.
I was excited before I even heard all the specifics. I know that anything our union puts together is designed to make life better for its members. And I know that it’s our amazing strength in numbers that allows us to win benefits like these. After I looked into the College for America details, I learned that it fit my life plan.
Applying was easy!
As part of my application process, I saw a button to apply for a Pell Grant to pay for my tuition. I clicked on it, filled out the forms and BINGO!…100% tuition paid!
Even though I was accepted a couple weeks ago, I’m still so excited! I started classes on April 6, but I’ve already started to dream about what I want to do. I’ve worked hard to build our union for child care providers. Along the journey, I noticed how important our political action is to accomplishing our goals. I have lobbied legislators, met with the Governor’s staff and talked to voters about important legislation. I grew to understand how important it is to use our voice in the public arena. I plan on getting my B.A. in business from College for America and I want to take my passion for good public policy to my future career—perhaps working for a legislator who stands up for working families and who is committed to fixing California’s broken child care system.”
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Vote Goodchild for SDCERA Board of Retirement

Vote for BobA message from SEIU Local 221 President David Garcias: Every SEIU members knows that our pension is earned every day and every year through  service to our community. Next week will be a critical moment where we need to stand together to protect our pension.

That’s why the members of SEIU 221 are urging you to vote for Bob Goodchild.

Do you remember last year when we found out that the SDCERA consultant was making $10 million a year? Bob did the research, made sure we had our facts straight, and led the charge to get him terminated.  Bob isn’t afraid to stand up for us and leads by example.That is why SEIU Local 221 endorses Bob Goodchild for the SDCERA Board of Retirement.

You ballot will arrive by interoffice mail on April 19. Can you sign this online petition to pledge your vote for Bob Goodchild?

Bob conducts audits for his HHSA unit involving millions of dollars in expenditures annually. He understands balance sheets, spreadsheets, and economic projections. He can read a pro forma, analyze a stock report and effectively represent us on the Pension Board.  Bob is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Public Administration. He has excelled at negotiating with labor, management, and other parties to reach mutual agreements that benefit all.

He is endorsed by the two elected officials who serve as SDCERA Trustees, Dan McAllister, San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector, and Supervisor Dianne Jacob.

A vote for Bob Goodchild is a vote to protect our retirement security.  Together, we can get Bob elected in two simple steps

Your ballot will arrive on April 19 and the last day to return it to the Registrar of Voters is May 3.

In Solidarity,

David Garcias
President, SEIU Local 221

P.S. Don’t forget to forward this email to a friend or print out a flyer about Bob

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SEIU 2016 International Convention delegates

1605IntlConThe SEIU Local 221 election committee certified the six nominations received from members asking to be delegates to the SEIU Convention:

  • Alma Aguirre
  • Miriam Esmeier
  • Jesus Gonzalez
  • Melody Godinez
  • Jim Partridge
  • Drucilla Willis

The deadline to submit all nominations for the eight available delegate seats was April 1.  Due to the lack of opposition, all six nominees are considered elected to represent the local as delegates at the SEIU convention. There will not be an election.

There are two remaining delegate positions.  On April 6, the executive board voted to nominate the following two members to fill those vacant delegate positions:

  • Lorena Barrientes
  • Vanessa Garcia

Congratulations. For more information, (858) 560-0151.

In Solidarity,

Tracey Carter
Delegate Election Committee Chair

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