Advocacy Center Victories

The Advocacy Team trains Stewards and handles all employee grievance and discipline issues.

County of San Diego


– Member received a proposed termination. SEIU was able to reach settlement before Skelly hearing. Employee received a 10-day suspension instead.
– SEIU attended an interactive accommodations meeting with employer. Employee was granted the accommodation requested.


– Member placed off work, able to get member transferred as part of accommodation and start work again.
– Member given LOW, reduced to COC (Steward Jose Cintron).
– Member given suspension, reduced to LOR, grieved LOR, reduced to LOW (Steward Johanna Firth).
– Member given suspension, reached settlement with language changes.
– Members are now being paid for travel time according to FLSA standards.
– Member accused of sexual harassment. Represented during IA, charges were unfounded.


– Member denied ability to go to work conference during normal day off. Chula Vista reversed position through negotiations with (Steward Nicole Hobson).


– Member initially denied accommodation but was given one through interactive process.


– SEIU reached an agreement with employer to allow an employee to resign in lieu of termination, school also agreed to pay medical benefits for an additional three months.
– SEIU reached settlement agreement with district in the process of layoffs to come to a favorable resolution for impacted member. Member was planning on retiring by the end of the year, and the district is allowing member to keep position until then so they do not disrupt any retirement plans.

Head Start

– SEIU filed a grievance on behalf of a member who was terminated. SEIU was able to come to a resolution with employer during grievance process and member was brought back to work.
– SEIU filed a grievance on behalf of a member who was terminated. During arbitration hearing, SEIU was able to reach a monetary settlement with employer that member was very happy with.

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