Advocacy Center Victories


-Letter of Reprimand and Letter of Warning reduced to confirmations of conferences through grievance procedure. Steward Sofia Arian victory
-Letter of Warning reduced to Confirmation of Conference through grievance procedure.
-Letter of Reprimand reduced to Letter of Warning through grievance procedure.
-Employee’s suspension reduced to Letter of Reprimand through negotiation with County.
-15 day suspension reduced to 5 day suspension through Skelly hearing.
-Settlement agreement over a 15 day suspension through negotiations with County.
-Termination reduced to 30 day suspension through Skelly hearing.
-Temporary appointment given for member working out of class through negotiations with County.
-Pay denied for time worked, through grievance procedure OT was given. Steward Deborah Allison victory
-Only COC issued after Union representation during investigation, two charges were declared unfounded and the third inconclusive.
-Inaccurate COC was fixed through negotiations with County.
-PR changed to be overall standard and almost all improvement needed areas were raised to meet expectations through PR appeal process. Steward Alicia Leyva victory


-Termination reduced to 60 day suspension after Skelly, through negotiations with County.


-Mistake by County during open enrollment for one employee, resolved through informal discussions.

Facilities Management

-Overcharged for health insurance, refund of monies given through negotiations with County.
-Violating medical restrictions, restrictions enforced through negotiations with County.

Planning and Development Services

-LOW wording changed through grievance procedure.

ESC Head Start

– Employee received two quarters worth of an attendance bonus previously not given. Issue was brought well past the grievance deadline, an agreement was reached through informal discussions with HR.

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