Make Politics Work for Us: VOTE TODAY! Tuesday Nov. 4

November 4th…It’s here! Have you voted yet?

Together we can stop dangerous politicans who cut important public programs to the bone and then balance the budget on the backs of working people. But we can’t do that unless you VOTE today.

Fight back by going to the polls and voting.

Everyone who works hard for a living should be able to support their families without having to live on the brink, regardless of where you were born or what zip code you live in.

Below you’ll find the resources so you can answer the following questions before casting your vote, to ensure you don’t run into any problems:

  1. Are you registered to vote and have you updated your address?
  2. Where is your polling place?
  3. When is your polling place open?
  4. Have you reminded your family, friends and coworkers to vote?

For all the information you need tomorrow to vote, please visit here.

Please click here and here for all the information you need on voting in the state of California.

Click here for our SEIU Local 221 list of endorsed candidates and visit our Facebook page to see how your fellow members have been getting out the vote for the November 4th General Election.

Once you’ve voted, let your friends and family know by sharing this graphic on your Facebook page.

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