August 2014

One Voice. One Vote.


SEIU Local 221 members (from Left to Right) Don Jasmund, Ruben Huerta, Michael Banjoman and Lena Phillips at the National City One Voice back in September.

Did you know that we have a vote to choose which candidates our union supports for elected office? It’s our choice. Don’t miss your chance to have a say.

Over the next two months, SEIU Local 221 will be holding meetings with political candidates to ask questions and discuss priorities. This is a chance for Local 221 members to hear from the elected officials whose decisions will impact our jobs, our neighborhoods and our families’ futures – and to shape the outcome of their elections. SEIU will be making endorsements in these important races, and these town halls are our time to make our voices heard.

Below is a list of the meetings that will be taking place in August and September:


Tuesday, August 26th
Imperial Beach Civic Center –Community Room
825 Imperial Blvd
Thursday, August 28th
Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center, Suite B,
140 East 12th Street
Friday, September 5th
Encinitas Library,
540 Cornish Drive
Monday, September 8                 
PSEA office
13378 Poway Rd



It’s important that local politicians see SEIU Local 221 members as their constituents and active participants in government and politics. Political action is not just about helping elect people who support local services; it also includes maintaining a relationship between our members and the people who represent them.

For more information on the One Voice process, contributing to COPE and upcoming meetings, please contact David Lagstein, Political Director, at or (858) 560-0151 ext.250.

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SEIU Local 221 County Chapter Wants You!

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 1.14.39 PM

The County Chapter is looking for dedicated people from each bargaining unit to be a representative on the County leadership team.

If you are interested in joining, please email County Chapter President, Tracey Carter, on why you would be the best person for the position, by Friday, September 5th, 2014. The available leadership positions are:

  • Appraisal, EDP, Purchasing (AE)
  • Food Service (FS)
  • Health Services (HS)
  • Middle Management (MM)
  • Public Services (PS)
  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Social Service Supervisors (SS)
  • Social Welfare (SW)

For more information on the County Leadership Team, how you can be involved or to apply for the above leadership positions, please email County Chapter President, Tracey Carter, at

To download this flyer, please click here.

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Mayor Faulconer Denies Hundreds of Thousands of Working San Diegans Access to Sick Days and a Raise


Working San Diegans and community backers say they are upset and disappointed by Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s decision to veto the earned sick days and minimum wage ordinance approved by the San Diego City Council late last month. The measure provides access to five earned sick days for everyone working in San Diego and sets a local minimum wage that increases to $11.50 over three years. At least 172,000 people would have received a raise and 279,000 individuals would have gained access to earned sick days.

“I’m heart broken. The Earned Sick Days and Minimum Wage Ordinance meant families like mine would have the ability to keep up with the rent and put groceries on the table. The Mayor is taking away a chance to make ends meet from hundreds of thousands of families,” said Biviana Lagunas, a full-time student who works to help her family pay the rent. She was among several minimum-wage workers who joined clergy in a meeting with the Mayor to ask him to sign the ordinance.

A new poll found that almost two-thirds of voters – 63% – support the Earned Sick Days and Minimum Wage Ordinance approved by the City Council last month. The poll was conducted July 31 – August 4, 2014 by Greenburg Quinlan Rosner Research.

“People shouldn’t have to choose between being a good parent and a good employee. This law gives people the ability to take care of their sick kids or parents by using the days that they have earned by working hard every day,” said Pastor Terrell Fletcher of City of Hope International Church, a San Diego Organizing Project leader.

“Given the success San Jose has had with its minimum wage ordinance, I and a lot of other San Diego business people are surprised Mayor Faulconer vetoed ours,” said Mel Katz, one of San Diego’s most-respected business leaders, who grew the local franchise of Manpower, Inc. into a $100 million business. Katz said recent analysis of the San Jose minimum wage showed that it had generated little, if any, negative impact on local business while helping hundreds of thousands of people better afford the city’s high living costs. “There’s significant proof that the San Jose minimum wage has helped that city’s economy — a similar ordinance could help ours,” Katz said.

This release was sent on behalf of Raise Up San Diego, a broad community coalition fighting to improve working conditions and wages for all San Diegans. Visit:

To read about the San Diego City Council passing the minimum wage ordinance, please click here.

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On Monday, August 4th, 2014, the SEIU members of the Chula Vista MM/PROF bargaining unit ratified the wage reopener tentative agreement by an overwhelming majority.  The agreement provides all employees of the bargaining group a 2% wage increase!

Next Steps:

The City Council will vote to approve the agreement on August 12th.  Upon approval, the salary adjustment will begin on the August 28th paycheck.  The 2% wage increase will also be retroactive to June 27th.  The retroactive adjustment will be received on or before September 25th.

With our contract expiring in June 30, 2015, we need to continue to move forward.  Please consider becoming involved to ensure that the SEIU 221/MM/PROF is a strong effective Union.

For more information, contact Worksite Organizer, Mark Leo at or (619) 992-4243. To download this flyer, click here.

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On Wednesday, July 30, 2014 CVEA members ratified the wage reopener tentative agreement by an overwhelming majority, giving all CVEA employees a 2% wage increase!

Pay Schedule and Retroactive Pay Info:

August 12:   City Council is scheduled to vote on approval of the agreement.

August 28:  The wage increase will begin to show up in paychecks.

On or before September 25th, paychecks will include the 2% increase retroactive to June 27th.  This payroll adjustment has to be handled in a more time-consuming, manual procedure, which is why it will not appear by August 28th.

Next Steps:

The wage reopener was a TEAM effort, with members of the bargaining team standing together to ensure that the results would be beneficial for all.  Most importantly, CVEA members stood together and took action by emailing councilmembers, leaving voicemails, wearing buttons, and attending council meetings to ensure our voices were heard!  With our current contract expiring June 30, 2015, this wage increase is a good start leading into full contract negotiations that will begin early next year. Let’s keep the momentum going!

For more information, contact Worksite Organizer, Mark Leo at or (619) 992-4243. To download this flyer, click here.

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