Advocacy Center 2014 Spring Victories!

HHSA – County of San Diego

  • Local 221 won a reclassification of a Community Health Promotion Assistant to a Correctional Counselor.  The employee had worked out of class for years before coming to SEIU for help, and in addition to being reclassified, the employee was awarded a 21% pay increase and 6 months of backpay.
  • Local 221 successfully advocated for a member’s change in leave status from unpaid to paid, by enforcing the contract language.
  • Local 221 stopped a steward from being monitored more closely by management than other workers without having to file an unfair labor practice charge with the state.
  • Union staff worked with stewards to reduce two letters of reprimand to letters of warning through the grievance procedure.
  • Local 221 successfully represented a member in a performance evaluation appeal, changing the overall rating to standard and redacting the negative language.
  • Local 221 successfully negotiated a two week suspension to be served over multiple pay periods in order to mitigate the impact to the membership.
  • Local 221 successfully negotiated a resignation in lieu of termination, therefore making the member eligible for rehire.
  • Union staff worked with departmental human resources officers to ensure that a member’s denial of time off would be granted so that he could attend his child’s school event.
  • Union staff worked with a member’s chain of command to ensure that his workload would be reduced to a reasonable level.

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