May 6, 2014

“We are proud to support candidates we can count on to put our community first and ensure our public employees are treated with respect and dignity. We will be working tirelessly to ensure that they are elected in 2014. ”

– David Garcias, SEIU Local 221 President.

Member action makes the difference! The June 3rd elections are less than a month away! Absentee ballots have been mailed out, and our volunteer efforts are well underway! Every phone call and door knock helps us gain huge wins for all of us! Join SEIU 221 members to volunteer and get out the vote for the upcoming prioirty races on June 3rd.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact David Lagstein, Political Director, at or (858) 560-0151 ext. 250.

Click the link to see the full list of SEIU endorsed candidates and initiatives.

We are stronger together!

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Have you filled out your Community Survey yet?

Members, have you taken the SEIU Local 221 Community Survey, yet? Survey responses have been incredible so far, and the data will without a doubt give many new insights to all of us.

This is a chance for your voice to be heard in terms of what is important to you and to guide future initatives. Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey by clicking the link below.

We have already accomplished great things in 2014, but as we move forward as a union, we need to hear from you!

Take 5 minute to complete the survey by clicking the link below!


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