February 18, 2014

County Chapter Leadership Election Update 2/18/14

February 18, 2014

Dear County Members,

On February 4, 2014, the SEIU Local 221 Executive Board heard a challenge to the County Chapter Leadership election. The Executive Board made the decision to re-run the three (3) contested county chapter seats: Chapter President, Chapter Vice President, and the Clerical (CL) Seat.

There were two (2) candidates who qualified for the Chapter President position via the nomination process: Felicia Boyd and Tracey Carter. Subsequent to the election and the determination to re-run the contested elections, SEIU Local 221 received information questioning the status of one of the candidates to serve as Chapter President. SEIU Local 221 determined that Felicia Boyd had resigned from the County of San Diego effective November 16, 2013 and was no longer a member of SEIU Local 221. Felicia Boyd had resigned from the County prior to the election on December 9, 2013. For the re-run election, the only candidate eligible to run for the County Chapter President seat is Tracey Carter. Because there are no other nominated eligible candidates for the re-run of the election for the seat of County Chapter President, Tracey Carter is deemed white balloted to the County Chapter President position, and deemed elected.

The election for Chapter Vice President and the Clerical Seat will be re-run. Additional information on the election will be provided in the coming days.


David Garcias

SEIU Local 221 President


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