Advocacy Center Winter 2013-14 Victories!

HHSA – County of San Diego

  • A member’s FMLA claim for child bonding was wrongly denied and fixed by the Advocacy Center staff working in conjunction with HR.
  • An HHSA member’s FMLA that was denied for child bonding was approved after a phone call to HR.
  • A Letter of Warning was reworded as part of a settlement agreement.
  • Advocacy staff argued a 10 day suspension down to 5 days in the Skelly hearing.
  • Oceanside FRC: A steward filed a complaint with HR when an employee was denied union representation in PIP meetings. The PIP was removed and a new one was issued, with union representation allowed (consistent with last summer’s arbitration victory on the same subject).
  • Overtime Cash vs. Comp Group Grievance: SEIU Local 221 and the County reached a settlement agreement on the 100+ member group grievance enforcing the new contract language regarding employee’ requests of cash versus comp (see full flyer here).
  • A Letter of Reprimand was reduced to a Letter of Warning and reworded as part of the grievance procedure.

Library – County of San Diego

  • A Letter of Warning was reduced to a confirmation of conference through the grievance procedure.

Parks and Recreation – County of San Diego

  • A member was awarded 6 months of back pay for performing duties in a temporary higher classification assignment.

MAAC Project – Head Start

  • A steward filed a grievance regarding the terms of a PIP and came to a mutual agreement with management to change its wording.

City of Calexico

  • Advocacy Center staff required the City to reclassify an employee to a higher position after several months of unpaid out of class work.
  • A member was issued a suspension without a Skelly hearing or any other required due process – Advocacy Center staff successfully removed the discipline in its entirety and required the City to reasonably accommodate a workers’ comp restriction for the same employee.
  • Two dispatch members received out of class and back bilingual compensation for time served in a higher classification as part of the grievance procedure.

School Districts

  • Negotiated a resignation in lieu of termination with an agreement not to contest unemployment and benefits paid for an additional 30 days.
  • Stewards represented two employees accused of sexual harassment and the allegations were unsubstantiated in both cases.
  • A steward represented a member in an accommodations meeting and reached an agreement to transfer the member to another site in a different classification.

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