County Bonus Clarification

Congratulations again on the contract victory that ensured wage increases and a stronger voice for all county employees. There have been many questions about the 2% stipend that did not appear in the first paycheck of November. The first stipend payment will appear on the November 22nd paycheck, and then on the first paycheck of each month for the next five months after. Here is the explanation from the county:

The second reading of the SEIU Agreements (the Board adoption date) occurred on October 8, 2013.  The MOA language states, “This one-time monetary payment shall be paid beginning with the first pay period following completion of two pay periods after adoption by the Board of Supervisors…The 2% one-time payment shall be paid out in 6 payments, to be paid with the first payday of each month.” Two pay periods following BOS adoption (PP10: October 18-October 31 and PP11: November 1-November 14) would make the first payment due with the paycheck for pay period ending on November 14th, which will be paid on November 22nd.  The payments thereafter are the first pay period of the month.  As such, the second payment will be due on December 6th.

This means, you will see the first payment of the stipend on November 22nd, and then you will get the second payment on the very next paycheck on December 6th.

We are having a series of workplace meetings with a full update on the contract and discussion on how to continue to strengthen our Union. Please come to your next meeting or contact Michaella Millican with any questions.

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