September 23, 2013

Advocacy Center Summer 2013 Victories!

Congratulations to our Stewards and Advocacy Center Team for your hard work in fighting for our rights!

County of San Diego


– Proposed order of suspensions for two PSW’s removed entirely by a steward at the Skelly hearing.

– Arbitration won regarding Union representation at PIP meetings and the grievant’s Letter of Warning was ordered removed from all files.

– Two day suspension reduced to a Letter of Warning at Polinsky Children’s Center.

– Two Letters of Warning reduced to confirmations of conferences at Polinsky.

– Letter of Reprimand wording reduced by half at the Southeast Family Resource Center.

– Educational release time granted after the Union asserted that HHSA’s form was inconsistent with departmental policy and the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

– Five day suspension reduced to four days in Aging & Independent Services.

– Employees will continue to earn the medical/detention premium for all employees currently receiving it after management threatened to take it away.


– PAFI’s discipline and performance evaluation stricken when the Union threatened suit for violation of Peace Officer Bill of Rights. Plus, mandatory POBR training for the department as part of a settlement with the Union.


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