September 10, 2013

County Tentative Agreement Ratified!

Bargaining Team

Congratulations SEIU Local 221 County of San Diego employees on the Ratification of your Tentative Agreement.

The ballots were counted September 21st and the overwhelming majority of the County Chapter voted YES to ratify the agreement, 86% of the votes cast were YES votes.

You all worked hard and made the difference in your campaign to “Put People First” in San Diego and while we made progress towards each of our goals we still have forward movement to make. Your participation, stewardship, and activity in the workplace and the community must continue.


We Recommend a YES Vote!

On September 10th, the SEIU Local 221 Negotiating Committee reached a tentative agreement on new contracts for each bargaining unit. After seven months of negotiations and campaigning at worksites across the County, we are confident in saying this contract represents a step in the right direction and Puts People First. The Negotiating Committee is overwhelmingly recommending a YES vote on the new contracts.

The agreement makes progress toward the goals that the Union members set prior to the start of negotiations:

1. Fair wages for all employees

– Bonuses and wage increases for ALL SEIU represented employees

2. Affordable healthcare for County workers and our families

– County will contribute hundreds more each year to employees healthcare

3. A stronger voice for County workers

– Improvements in Labor Management and the Grievance Procedure

You made the difference! We won this contract because workers participated in worksite meetings, unity breaks, marches, rallies, signed petitions, and purple Wednesdays. We won because we showed that we would not be invisible or silent and we were prepared to engage in the kind of job actions to show our determination and unity.

There is one step left in the process – the Ratification Vote! All SEIU represented employees should review the Tentative Agreement Summary  and the Equity Adjustment Job Code List and all members in good standing are expected to participate in the ratification process the week of September 16th. Please see the Ratification Vote Meeting Schedule and identify which time and location will work best for you. Each hour long vote session will include an agreement overview, question and answer session, and time to cast your vote. (Large sites with coverage issues, please use this Sign-Up Sheet and turn in your sign-in sheet to management so they can arrange break and lunch times to accommodate the voting schedule.) 

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