August 29, 2013

Bargaining Update 8.29.13

County-Bargaining-ButtonThe Union Negotiating Committee met again this Wednesday for the third round of talks with the mediator.  After several months of hard work, the committee saw a positive move in the right direction.  County management, once again, indicated a willingness to sit across the table and work together.

Kathy Griffe Photo“For seven months we have been at the bargaining table attempting to negotiate an agreement with the County, and for seven months there was very little movement or progress.  During this time, SEIU members in San Diego County took action, stood together, made our voices heard and now the process is working.”  – Kathy Griffee, Public Health Nurse Supervisor

From the beginning of this process, the Negotiating Committee has reiterated their commitment to some common goals, all of which they are still hard at work to reach.

– Fair wage increases so we can support our families

– Affordable, quality healthcare for our families and ourselves

– Opportunities for fair promotions and transfers

– Our jobs should balance work and family

– Real voice for County employees

Pat Maldonado Photo“I joined the Bargaining Team because I felt that people weren’t being given what they deserve, and I even heard my co-workers losing faith in the Union.  I discovered now that through unity and the process of collective bargaining that we can stand strong together and build an even more powerful Union.”  – Pat Maldonado, Probation Aide

Why the sudden change in tone and this step in the right direction?  SEIU members have shown an unwillingness to remain silent, they have taken action in the worksites to build and grow our Union, and to support our Negotiating Committee through the process.  Members all across the County made a commitment to stay informed, stay active, and most importantly stay committed to this process!

Karen Hockensmith Photo“We are moving in the right direction, meet us at the Board of Supervisors on September 10th!”  – Karen Hockensmith, Social Services Supervisor


County Board of Supervisors Meeting

Tuesday, September 10th

8:30 a.m.

1600 Pacific Highway, 92101

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