August 28, 2013

Bargaining Update 8.22.13


Our Union Negotiating Committee returned to the bargaining table with the County on Wednesday in our second post-impasse mediation. Fortunately, this meeting was positive and showed real signs of a positive outcome for County workers. County management showed a willingness to work together on several issues that are key to our negotiating committee, signaling a constructive environment for our negotiating process. However, our work is far from done, and our unity and commitment will continue.

We will return to mediation next Wednesday and continue to work together with the County to reach an agreement that offers workers the best possible outcome.

County workers continue to unite and communicate throughout the worksites, keeping in mind that until we have an agreement, we are committed to standing strong alongside our co-workers.

Here’s what you can do to join:

– Sign the petition that supports our negotiating committee’s hard work and effort, showing solidarity and unity in each worksite.

– Attend worksite meetings to get the latest news and updates about this process.

– Talk to your co-workers to make sure every County employee knows that SEIU members all across San Diego County are standing strong with their negotiating committee.

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