July 2013

CVEA Agreement Reached!

We reached a tentative agreement on Monday, July 22nd, for a new 2-year contract with the City of Chula Vista. Your SEIU Local 221/CVEA Negotiating Committee is unanimously recommending that members vote YES and approve the new agreement.

While the agreement is not perfect, we made progress toward our main goals in negotiations:

Raises, Not 1-Time Bonuses:  There are two wage increases in the first year of the contract for every CVEA-represented worker. These are the first real raises since 2008. In the second year, there is a contract re-opener specifically to negotiate additional increases.

No Concessions:  The City will contribute 50% of the average premium increases into the Flex Benefit for all tiers of coverage. The City withdrew all other proposals to take benefits or rights away (e.g., floating holiday, career advancement, and compensatory overtime).

Work Jointly on Quality Workforce Program:  The City agreed to meet with us beginning in September to work on the Compensation Component to make sure our voice is heard and our concerns are addressed.

Most importantly, the City of Chula Vista management and City Council know who we are and that we will no longer be silent and invisible. Our members stepped up by signing petitions, attending Council meetings, wearing buttons, and rallying. We can’t stop now, we must continue forward to make sure that SEIU Local 221/CVEA is a strong, effective Union that stands up for workers and the community we serve.

Every worker needs to attend a ratification meeting and vote on the new contract.

Ratification Meetings:

Thursday, August 1st

3:45 p.m. at the Public Works Lunchroom

5:15 p.m. at the Chula Vista Central Library

Each meeting will last about one hour and then we will vote on the contract.

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Bargaining Update 7.24.13


Impasse Reached – ‘A Tale of Two San Diegos’

We reached impasse on Wednesday, July 24, with the County in our contract negotiations. This means the proposals will be presented to a 3-person fact-finding panel that will hear the arguments and evidence. Then they will issue a public report that will be the subject of a public hearing in front of the Board of Supervisors.

Why did we reach impasse? Our Union and the County each put its last, best offer on the table (the full proposals are available here). The difference could not be more stark – truly ‘A Tale of Two San Diegos.’ One in which workers are respected, public services are important, and attempts are made to solve problems. The other based on bullying, threats, and fear with no interest in respecting workers or solving problems.

The management proposal borrows from its old songbook: ‘Either accept what we’re offering or we’ll make it worse.’ This may fly in the management meetings, but it will be seen as dishonest bullying by the fact-finding panel.

Here are some important differences:

Bargaining Issues SEIU Local 221 San Diego County
Bonuses vs. Raises Guaranteed base-wage increase over a 2-year contract for each worker between 4.5% to 7%. No base-wage increase for the vast majority. Only a 2% 1-time bonus each year which will average $950 before taxes. This is a wage freeze.
Equity Adjustments Guaranteed equity raises for certain job titles. Equity raises for the same job titles, but only if we cave-in and agree to the County’s contract.
Wage Scale & Steps In 2014, either keep current steps with a 2% raise or double the steps at 2.5% with guaranteed 5% each year for those on the steps and an extra 2.5% for all employees topped out. Double the steps and cut them to 2.5% with no raises if we don’t cave-in and agree to the County’s contract.
Flex Benefits Increase Flex above the County proposal by an extra $20 per pay period for individual, $40 per pay period for employee+1 and family. In 2014, increase Flex by 5%. In 2015, increase Flex by 5% for individual, 7% for employee+1, and 9% for family.
Insurance Reduce employee costs by $20 per prescription for diabetes, depression, asthma, and cardiovascular conditions. Reject, but will refer to a committee for study.
Employee Pension Offset In 2013, reduce by 1.5% for Tier A & B in AE, MM, PR, PS, RN, and SS. Offset by 1.5% wage increase for all employees. In 2014, reduce by 1.5% for all Tier A & B, offset by 1.5% wage increase for all employees. In 2013, reduce by 1/3 for all Tier A & B with modest increase in pay to partially offset (as low as 12 cents per hour).
Worker Rights Increased worker rights in the following areas: Promotions, transfers, workload, Union representation, and in disciplinary matters. None.

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IMPASSE Reached – Review Last, Best, and Final Offers

County of San Diego employees have declared IMPASSE. Employees received a package proposal that offered NO WAGE INCREASES for all 9,500 employees, and the bargaining team unanimously rejected the offer.

SEIU Local 221 Last, Best, and Final Offer

County of San Diego Last, Best, and Final Offer

Next Step: We will move forward into the fact-finding procedure and continue to work towards a real wage increase for County employees.

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‘Put People First’ Summit

Summit Logo

To all SEIU contract campaign leaders, worksite activists, bargaining team members, stewards, and members ready to win a good contract for the majority of County employees.

SEIU Local 221 is holding a one-day training and campaign forum for County workers. You should attend this event if you are ready to lead the campaign to ‘Put People First’ in San Diego. Knowledge is power and now more than ever we need to be organized and know our rights. A representative team from every County worksite will come together to plan how to build a stronger Union that goes on offense, and learn the legal definitions that protect an actively engaged membership!

Saturday, August 3rd

9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Liberty Station Conference Center

2600 Laning Road, San Diego, CA 92106

Detailed directions available here

Breakfast and lunch will be provided

RSVP by August 1st here

Training Topics Overview:

– The County’s strategy against public employees

– Know your rights – legal counsel will define “protected union activity” and answer questions about job actions and strikes

– Advanced organizing workshops on overcoming fear and futility in the workplace and mobilizing effective workplace activity

– Current campaign plan and strategizing for contract gains and the public good


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Steward of the Year Award Nominations

Steward Awards Logo

The Steward of the Year Award will recognize Stewards from each division of the Local.  Any Steward, regardless of their position, can be nominated for this award. Nominees should demonstrate their commitment to the Membership and Union by having worked in any committees within the Local, or community events that support the Labor movement.

Nominations must be received by August 12, 2013.

2013 Steward of the Year Nomination Form

Please email your forms to cassandra.coates@seiu221.org

The winners will be chosen by the Local 221 Executive Board based on nominations from fellow Stewards and statistical information gathered from the Local. To assist the committee in selecting the best candidate, please give specific examples.

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‘Put People First’ Campaign Update

Put People First Logo

On Tuesday, July 16th, SEIU members were joined at the County Board of Supervisor’s meeting by members of the San Diego School Board, San Diego City Council, and the California State Senate and Assembly.

The elected leaders present challenged the current County Board of Supervisors to re-evaluate the choices that the County of San Diego has been making in contract negotiations and in the community.  The officials urged the County Board of Supervisors to settle a good contract with SEIU represented employees, who shouldered the burden of the county during the recession.  They stressed the value of investing in our local economy through county employee wage increases, and by ensuring that the $200 million in CalFresh benefits currently being left on the table in Washington DC, be brought to San Diego and distributed to those eligible to receive benefits from the County.  The Board was urged to re-evaluate how services are delivered and to recognize that frontline workers are over-worked, trying to keep the system afloat!

Lorena“It’s time to settle a good contract with County employees.  No wage increase in four years is unacceptable.  Your workers are struggling to make ends meet in their households across the County.  I urge you to put people first and do what is right by those who worked harder during the recession for less money.  The recession is over, and the County can afford to settle a contract with real wage increases.”– Lorena Gonzalez, State Assembly, 80th District
Kevin“Ron Roberts, your district is central in our city, and the families in your district are struggling with long lines, unanswered questions, and are having difficulty accessing the services they need.  We are calling on you to re-evaluate the distribution of County resources in your district.  Frontline employees are worn thin – they have been working overtime and on most weekends for two years, to keep up with the rising needs and increasing backlog.  We are calling on you to adjust your priorities and put people first.”  – Kevin Beiser, Vice President of the San Diego Board of Education
Chris“We are concerned that our district has seen annual losses of CalFresh benefits that are off the charts!  Our district is losing an estimated $80 million of Federal CalFresh benefits annually; $60 million is being lost in your district alone, Ron Roberts!  These losses are critical to the community’s needs, and we can do better than this.” – Chris Ward, Chief of Staff for State Senator Marty Block
Myrtle“Over 1,000 County employees live in my district.  Even a 2% wage increase for these hard working employees, who have given so much to this County and its residents over the last few years, translates into $6 million in economic activity in District 4 alone!  Investing in our community and our people is not only good for our economy, it’s the right thing to do.” – Myrtle Cole, San Diego City Council, District 4

It’s time to ‘Put People First’ in San Diego!

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Mama’s Pantry Food Drive

Mama's Pantry

Mama’s Pantry, a service of Mama’s Kitchen, provides a nutritional shopping opportunity at no cost for men, women and children of San Diego County affected by HIV/AIDS.

You can help by purchasing one or more items from our wish list, and dropping it in our barrel located in the lobby of SEIU Local 221, by August 1st 2013.

Canned Tuna Fish

Jar of Peanut Butter

Jar of Jelly

Canned Salmon

Bottle of Cooking Oil

Spaghetti Sauce

Canned Fruits

Canned Soups

Canned Chili

Small Box of Dry Milk

Box of Cereal

Thank you for your donations!



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Walk with SEIU Local 221 in the San Diego Pride Parade

Pride Logo

It’s time to ‘Put People First’ in San Diego!

This year County employees and the community are uniting for a better San Diego for all.  We are loud and proud to be public employees, gay and not gay, and we are ready to fight for what is right in our community. Join us!


The annual San Diego LGBT Pride Parade is the 4th largest in the United States, attracting over 200,000 cheering spectators, supportive organizations, businesses, and significant media participation.


San Diego Pride Parade

Saturday, July 13th

10:00 a.m.

Hillcrest Pride Flag (University Avenue & Normal Street)

The parade begins on University Avenue and Normal Street, proceeds west on University Avenue to 6th Avenue, turns south on 6th Avenue, ending at Balboa Drive and Upas Street.

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