Bargaining Update 6.12.13

Management has finally agreed to use mediation as a means to reach an agreement and avoid going to impasse.  This is a positive development but mediation is like marriage counseling – it only works if both sides are willing…and we are!

Where are we now?

Major Issues at the Bargaining Table San Diego County

9,500+ SEIU represented County workers

Wages & Pension Offset No raises Small one-time, taxable bonus each yearEliminate up to 1.5% of the remaining employee offset and increase pay by up to 1.3%

Eliminating the $1000 for 30+ years of service

Wage increases every yearfor every worker Additional wage increases equal to every percent lost since 2011 

Eliminate the entire employee offset (7%)

Flex Benefits No Parity Annual amount of benefits:Year 1: Employee only $5,304, Employee +1 $7,896, Family $11,328


Year 2: Employee only $5,568, Employee +1 $8,448, Family $12,348

No improved prescription coverage 

No cash out for flex benefits

PARITY with executive management Annual amount of benefits:Year 1: Employee only $6,691, Employee +1 $9,526, Family $13,104

Year 2: Employee only $7,025, Employee +1 $10,192, Family $14,283

Reduce Co-Pays for prescriptions for diabetes, depression, cardio -vascular, asthma by $20 each

Unused flex benefits can be cashed out by those who do not use them

Transfers & Promotions No changes to the way promotions are awarded County will seek volunteers first on temporary transfers  Internal applicants should be considered before external applicants for promotions – and seniority is the tie-breaker Transfers should be awarded to volunteers first and if no volunteers then seniorityTransfers have a 6-month limit

There are no restrictions on applying to other jobs

Workload & Staffing(HHS) No proposals… Keep up the hard work. Enough staff to provide the highest quality of service to the community Enforceable maximum caseload per employee Floaters and backfill

 The County has made their choice – NOW it’s time for you to make yours. 

SEIU members County-wide are ready to fight for and win a fair contract for all County Employees and Better Services for our community.  We have done more with less, we are willing to pay our fair share, we are advocates for our clients, and we are ready to stand up and fight for what is right for us, our families, and our community!

Wage increase for every employee every year!

Staffing standards matter everyday!

Healthcare is not an executive perk!

No more tax breaks for the the wealthiest 1%!

Solidarity Rally & March

Saturday,  June 22nd


Harvey Milk/Normal St. (Near Hillcrest DMV, 92103)

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